With the Axis stone, those who desire a modern look will be fully satisfied. With a bright white colour, Axis offers clean straight lines and forms a mosaic of linear quadrilaterals that are perfectly structured. With this stone in your room, no need for fireworks all around. The stone alone will enhance your environment and offer you a contemporary look – Each box contains 18 pieces.

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The Athena stone recalls the inviting style of the western Mediterranean. Once it is installed, you will appreciate Athena’s natural texture and rich creamy colour which gives Athena its refined and distinguished look – Each box contains 27 pieces.

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The bold pieces and the various shapes of the Zax stone will enhance your modern and highly sophisticated decor. In addition, Zax’s trendy relief profile and neutral white colour will complement all decor schemes. If you need to change the look simply paint Zax in the colour of your choice – Each box contains 15 pieces.

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